My first blog!

Let me keep it short and sweet. My first blog is going to be a taste of what people can expect to hear from me in the future.

I am a foodie. I work in the business, and let’s just say I think about it all day! I live in the bay area, and ever since I’ve moved out here I have been more inspired by food than anywhere else. Food here is GREAT! I’ve seen many of the farms where most of the product that restaurants around here are using come from. I have also met many great people in the area, including writers, chefs, restauranteurs, farmers, purveyors, workers of the trade and many more. I’ve learned so much about food and the truth behind it, it;s amazing. Blows my mind what goes into making things such as a simle salad…

Now, why do I stretch that truth behind food thing so far??

It’s because it’s important for people to know. Everyone should know where their food came from. Which farm, farmer, factory, animal, place, person etc? Who touched it? Who sprayed it with what? Who injected that pig? And what in the world did they inject it with? Why would they do that? Damn, is that going to affect me and my body?

Yes, that is just a handful of questions that people should be curious about. It may sound weird, but I bet over half of the people in the world probably don’t even know where their food comes from. I am sure most of them don’t care; in which case is sad for them because one day when they get sick or find themself becoming morbidly obese they”re going to turn around and ask why all of that is happening. The main reason it’s happening is because they didn’t seem to care at all about what made it happened: that last bite of food you took!

Now don’t get me started on all of that talk, because honestly I can take it further than where it needs to be.

All I want to say is, look out for what I have to post in the future! I want to keep everyone updated on everything. My travels, restaurants I eat at, food I eat, farms I visit and people I run into. It’ll be a jumble of stuff, but interesting for my followersEnjoying a snack with friends! to get the inside access to.

Thanks! I hope the first post was as good as I could make it..