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There is a spot where many people probably never even made a footstep in San Francisco. Do people even know this place exists?

The Sunset!
When I first arrived in San Francisco, long before I even moved here, the Sunset was my introduction area. I am not sure whether it’s because my brother lived in the area or because of it being a nice little gem of a neighborhood. The Sunset holds a lot of history, great places to see and visit.

Since my introduction to San Francisco was through the Sunset, I always hold the image that this neighborhood is where the city begins. As in, this is what San Francisco should look and be like. Water, surfing, food, coffee, hippies, and… did I mention, coffee?

Yes. It is here that I was also introduced to “great” coffee. In the midst of these foggy skies and early mornings, coffee is a necessity. The first morning I arrived to visit, my brother dragged me to his local cafe, Trouble Coffee. My favorite little cafe to this day. They happen to make my favorite latte hands down. Nobody in the city can beat it. It’s smooth, warm, delectable, and just memorable. Memories are what hit the most when I am here, enjoying myself. The memories of sitting watching the water, and having conversation with my brother about how I want to live in San Francisco and be a part of “the happening.”
Guess what? I made it happen! I can call myself a “San Franciscan” now! I take pride in that.

Ahhh, my shot of espresso with perfectly frothed Clover milk! It is something I now hold a great pleasure into drinking. It warms me up to the San Fran weather and gets my day started and refreshed. As for that latte in my hands, that’s Troubles, and it is like I said, my favorite. Nothing will beat it!

Oh, I’ll have a piece of toast with my drink too. The toast here at trouble is absolutely no joke. I have never eaten anything like it. A thick cut of freshly baked bread, toasted, and topped with butter, cinnamon and a touch of sugar. Listen to me when I say,  “It is GOOD!” Exceptionally good! From my viewpoint it is “to die for.” Every time I make my way into the foggiest patch of San Francisco (the Sunset) I have to stop by Trouble and end up getting the same thing. A latte and toast, please. My buddy, Ruben, has been there for years and knows how to hook it up nicely. And Julietta, the owner, is always hustling and bustling about, but makes sure to always stop, to exchange a few words.

After I pay my respects to Trouble, I head to Outerlands, another staple spot for the Sunset. Outerlands opened and quickly flourished when owner, Dave Muller, tried making the Tartine bread recipe. In experimenting with the recipe, Dave tweaked it to his liking. The loaf he bakes is specific to how his ovens bake and to the climate of the Sunset. The bread here is now some of the best that San Francisco produces. That’s huge to say since bread is seen at almost every corner in this city. I think every time I go, I end up ordering something that has his bread with it. Actually, I think every dish comes with some form of his homemade bread, which is a good thing because it’s a “must have” here.

For myself, I always enjoy having one of his many creative open-face sandwiches. Like the one above with roasted eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, and crescenza cheese. Mmm, heirloom tomatoes already! Hello Summer!

The sandwich does wonders. It’s always perfectly soft with crunch where the crust is. It’s always warm too, like it was just baked; a la minute style.

If you feel the need to have that traditional sandwich to hold with both hands, then go for it. Dave has those too! Like the one above with top sirloin beef, cucumber pickles, red onion, horseradish crème fraiche, and a side salad. The top sirloin was moist, medium-rare, melting in the bread, and then into each bite. With the horseradish, the sandwich gets a little more kick. It brings a little spice to it, but subtle with the sourness of the crème fraiche. Dreamy right?
Every sandwich ordered receives a side salad. Which is a good thing, because you have to eat your vegetables, right? Of course you do, and Outerlands makes sure of that!

A happy stomach, and a clean plate. I can say, I did, and do myself well every time i’m here. Eating an absolutely great meal, and clearing my mind on whats important in life! That is, food! Thank you Outerlands for providing.

Just a few words to share about my necessary places to visit while in San Francisco. Or even if you are in the Sunset area. Go there! Make a connection! Enjoy yourself! Having the memory of where my journey in San Francisco first started is awesome. Coffee at Trouble, and lunch at Outerlands. Nothing will ever beat that!