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Hillside Supper Club!

That’s the name of the restaurant that is going to be taking over a retired Italian restaurant location in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. They’re working harder and harder everyday to have their dream a reality; to own a full time restaurant.

Hillside Supper Club began as a pop-up restaurant, serving guests delicious, market-fresh food every Monday and Tuesday night. They began early August of 2011 in the heart of the mission district. Now, they are currently doing dinners out of a restaurant called, Caffe Cozzolino. At 300 Precita Avenue, in Bernal Heights, these talented Chefs will mark their spot for good. The Chef/ Owners Jonathon Sutton and Tony Ferrari have been interested in this space since day one, and finally they are able to make it open under their name. A gathering place, where people not only come to share a meal, but come to socialize within a community of people that enjoy the commodity of eating and being together.

Hillside Supper Club is (as everyone probably knows by now) my older brother Tony, and great friend Jonathons’ restaurant. I help out as much as I can, whether I can serve tables or help prep and cook in the kitchen. I want to see this place succeed of course, and flourish not only to the neighborhood, but to everyone of San Francisco.

In the process of taking over the space, many major renovations need to be made. Which, in return, means a lot of money is needed to get it all started. Hillside Supper Club started a Kickstarter, which is a program for fresh businesses to spread the word about themselves, and have an opportunity to raise money for their project.

Take a moment to look at and review the restaurant.
If you are nearby, please don’t be shy to come have a meal with us. Hillside Supper Club is a very comfortable place, making everyone feel welcome and relaxed from the moment they are greeted.

To find out more information about Hillside Supper Club, and/or the Chef/Owners, click here.

To make a donation, or to view their kickstarter video, please click here.