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For me, and to many others, a meal is a memory. A time to be enjoyed, well-thought and pleasured. A moment to waste time, sit-back and just be.

Growing up my dad always told me, “Take your time, chew your food, slow down!” Now I can finally look back at him, understanding just what he meant as he would tell me that. He wanted the company at the table to be happy, come together and conversate. Have a good time, relax and enjoy what’s in front of you.

My dad and I making Italian sausage.

Nowadays, when I am out and about eating through restaurants I happen to remember every little part. From the moment I walk in the restaurant, to walking out.
I remember who greeted me, who served me, who ate what and what I would eat if I came back.
The topic “Why I remember every meal” just so happened to pop in my mind happened when I was happily questioned by a couple, dining at my restaurant. They asked me if I liked to eat. My reply was obviously, yes. Then they questioned me again, asking whether or not I’ve ever been to New York City. I told them I had just went not long ago, for my first time unfortunately. Then afterwards I went on mentioning quite a few of the restaurants I dined at; especially my most memorable places. I told them what I ate, each plate, each course, each taste and every favorite. They were amazed, “how do you remember every little detail of every single place. It’s great to see someone like yourself so passionate and influenced by a world of food.” I smiled back and just told them that a good meal is a memorable meal, and it’s something I never want to forget.

The meal I happened to tell them about was from ABC Kitchen in New York. I told them everything. From things I loved the most to what I thought could have used a little more bite to it. On and on we are talking (which is crazy on my behalf because I know I have a room full of guests needing service), I happen to stop and tell them that my number one meal to never forget are the ones with the family. Especially when my grandma was around. She would make the best italian sausage and pasta.

My mom and I having an unforgettable meal at Chez Panisse Cafe.

The meals where I would sit at a table full of those people I actually enjoy to be around: My mom, dad, brother, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles. All of whom that bring something to the table.

Everybody should have that same feeling. That’s why I bring this topic into focus. Eat every meal like it’s the last.
At least that’s what I do. Every time I sit down to a plate of food, I just picture myself with my family, enjoying time and company.
Now on the other hand, if the meal you’re eating isn’t great, I can see why it wouldn’t be remembered. But in the case that it’s not good, I must question you, why are you eating it?