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Slow Food! Yea, slow as the snail in your back-yard garden. What that interprets into exactly- take your time, don’t rush the process of making a meal, enjoying your food, eating it with friends, family or yourself. What else does that translate to- say no to fast food! Buy food at your market, to cook with your own hands, in your own kitchen, in your own time!

I wish it was like this for everyone, but some people just find it difficult to understand. They can’t decide whether to make the decision to eat the fast food, that’s obviously not good for them, or to make their own meal from sourced product at their local market. I don’t really find my answer hard to find, but to others it’s a tough choice.

Now let me cut back on my pep talk, because i could honestly go on all day on such a topic. Let me get on to the main event. Slow Food Fresh Food Picnic! This past weekend, September 15, my view on food, the way people out, and edible education were dramtically touched. Fresh, yes; the picnic was everything about that. Guests had the honor of having three of the worlds top food revolutionists there to speak. Producers form the area to display and sell their product, and emerging chefs from the Bay to cook food that displays talent and passion. For me to be apart of such a thing is amazing. Sharing a meal with several followers (and founders) of something that should be believed in by every single person in America. Just a few years ago, I would’ve never thought I would be at such an event, around such motivational people.  That is Slow Food!

My Brother Tony and I. Slow Food!


My brother, good friends Monica and Jonathan and myself went up north to not only enjoy the wonderful weather, but to recognize the movement first hand. Slow food is an emerging movement of activists around the world trying to change the way people eat forever. From growing, producing, purchasing and cooking, slow food is wrapped around everything food, edible, and aducational.
We had the opportunity to make it to the fresh food picnic and witness the motivational speeches from Nikki Handerson, Alice Waters, and Carlo Petrini.
For myself, meeting Carlo was a huge deal. He is the founder of slow food. That man holds a great deal of wisdom and idea.

Carlo Petrini

Hillside Supper Club Restaurant with Alice and Carlo

I’ll never forget what he said in his speech that day. It went something along the lines of, “I met a nurse the other day, who is also a baker in the local bakery. Then, I found out that she is helping more people with her baked goods than she is as a nurse. Reason being, because by eating more fresh and locally sourced food, it can change the health of the body, to keep that person away from the hospitals. Less effects are done to the body when eating this way, and I thought that was incredible.”
You think he thought it was incredible, well I thought it was stunning! Unbelievable to hear the man speak, and to hear a true story like that is so motivating. I wish more people could understand!

After speeches, everyone was relished with a meal from the chefs. A few courses passed around family-style: bean salad with nepitella and charred tomatoes.

A crispy pork salad with pine nuts and raisins.

Then main courses of handmade wild nettle cavatelli with porcinis, herbs, and pecorino. Smoked chicken with a kimchee dipping sauce, And of course, a lavishing cheeseburger. After all, we are in America so skipping on the burger is quite difficult in Sonoma county!
Sorry I wasn’t able to snap photos of the main courses! I was so busy eating!
Then to keep mouths drooling, we had a dessert of Dulce de Leche brownies and Laloo’s Goats milk ice cream.

After food, friends from the group headed to a good friends house for a night cap. Relaxing around the wooden table, sipping vino, eating cheese and spreading thoughts upon each other about how we thought the event went. Talking slow food over a little food and wine. The day was an excellent one, was all anybody could repeatedly say.

Definitely one to never forget!