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Back home, where I’m originally from, the scene is jumping into action! Everyone is catching the trends of our modern commodities. Loving leisure, time,  company, eating, and drinking.

New restaurants, foods, purveyors, markets, parks, and overall locality of the city is progressing into a manifestation of the new world. Using ingredients sourced near operating businesses, selling things grown in the backyard, opening new shops, helping the city progress into a place where somebody wouldn’t mind living. That’s me, I used to live there, and one day I may go back. Especially after seeing all of the progression happening. It seems like yesterday, I was leaving and nobody knew what a “latte” even was, now everyone back home wants one, everyday; that’s the trend we’re talking about folks. It excites me to know my city is doing well, and people are learning more about what I am truly passionate about (food & beverage, plus great service).

Collective Espresso Bar

I saw the OTR blog post on the new coffee shop opening up called, Collective Espresso. My mom told me about the spot. Since we are a little coffee fanatic, I was really excited to share this place to friends back in the ‘Nati, along with all the other great coffee spots such as: La Terza coffee roasters, Coffee Emporium, or Corner BLOC. They all serve up fantastic coffee, something that is rare to find in majority of the world today. You can even add in a recent opening of 1215 wine bar & coffee lab. Not only do they push good coffee, but pour wine that is true to the vines. I have yet to go, but from what I hear, they have a great selection, and food to accompany.

My mom said it was coming into action. Everything that opened within the last year or two is growing, establishing themselves, and the city. They are putting Cincinnati on travelers “Places to check out” list. That’s a good thing! New innovation, building, and progression can only lead to a better city.

A few new restaurants have opened up very recently. One that seems to catch my eye the most is the market style restaurant called, The Dutch’s Larder. They are a market, selling all rare and delicate goodies at exceptional value. They are adding to the food & beverage scene of Cincinnati, displaying different farms around the area, providing knowledge on beautiful product and introducing Cincinnati to something ‘fresh.’ Again, that’s a great thing, lets keep it going! They also carry a seasonal menu, serving small plates, bites, and lunch to the locals. Sandwiches, soups, salad, and all of those cured, off-the-chart offal pieces to savour. I can not wait to check the place out, my mouth waters now thinking about the selection. To add to that, I have a few friends that have opened just prior. Restaurants like: A Tavola, Senate, Abigail Street, Enoteca Emilia, and Mantra on the Hill. They’re all pushing amazing food, from gourmet street style to the refined dining. Let’s not forget Chef Daniel Wright of Senate and Abigail Street. He was the winner of the best new chef in the great lakes. Well done!

The counter at The Dutch’s Larder

Pizza hot from the wood-fired oven at A Tavola

Cincinnati finally has places to lean on, can go somewhere local to eat. They serve food that is sourced locally, which tastes better, and is better for the city. I can’t emphasize that enough. Embrace it Cincinnati, keep helping the city and businesses grow. Go out and enjoy the new scene Cincy has to offer. I wish I could join, but I am a busy guy 2,000 miles away. LOL!

Along with the new restaurants, coffee bars, wine bars and what not, Cincinnati still has Farmers Markets everyday of the week. Locals need to go to them, use them, buy from the, support them. It’s beneficial for yourself, your city, your nearby farmers, and everyone alike. Plus, it’s a great way to spend time with family or friends.
The city is pumping like heavy veins in a runner. “Look how much the city has changed since you left, don’t doubt Cincinnati, it’s coming around, slowly, but surely.” You know what ma, you’re right, the city has changed. It’s amazing! OTR is having massive reconstruction, I think it’s great. Not to mention the sports. Cincinnati Reds made it pretty far this year. I wish they would’ve made it to the end, but unfortunately it didn’t happen!
Cincinnati is, and will forever be my home spot. I miss it everyday, especially since I’m not near the new growth that is happening. But, when I come and visit, ill have plenty of places to eat + drink at.