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I am a seeker of excellent food, a beautiful glass of vino, a beer that settles me right, and service that will leave you restless. I have been so wrapped up in the restaurant scene, it seems that I have no free time anymore, because they’re spent out. I am out eating at fantastic restaurants to broaden my palate to more and different concepts in hospitality. Probably my favorite thing to do to educate myself on food+drink is to get out, taste something different, unique, and try to get my hands on a nicely crafted beverage.

It’s been a little over one year that I have moved from home, gotten myself a job, worked and progressed in the industry, and introduced myself to a wide range of cultures and lifestyles. Enjoying myself? Of course I am. I am happy I made such a bold move; to leave my home and my family for something that will hopefully benefit me in the future.

Now, I know some folks are reading this post, and trying to figure out just what I am talking about. Let me answer that for some of you. I am talking about my life, and how it twinds with the restaurant industry (something I absolutely cannot get enough of). I work, eat and breathe food and excellent restaurant service. I love to go out and gather information on all of the qualities and structures that form an excellent restaurant. Why I do this? It’s simple, because one day I plan to open a restaurant of my own! Plus, I absolutely enjoy it!

One day, I want to operate something successful, obviously in the hospitality area. So, for myself, always eating and cooking is educational, for the future of my focus. Opening a new cooking, wine knowledge. or general food bound book to read, adds to my future awareness of eating, socializing, and operating around a business of food. I am quite similar to a foodie, but don’t prefer to be termed that. I don’t go to the most talked about hipster joint, take a photo and Instagram it. I am a foodie in the idea that I have a palate for new cuisine, different atmospheres, and new flavors to open myself to.
Being in the Bay Area for over 14 months now, I have probably broadened myself twice as much if I weren’t out here. With my schedule always filled with work and other events of the sort, I can say I am one happy guy. For some reason, I love to work. I love to stay busy and focused, and see guests in my restaurant happy, and satisfied.

Since my move here, my palate for wine has been refreshed. I can now appreciate a nice bottle, and great food! I’ve learned what it takes to make such things and be at the very best.

I’ve met tons of big wigs in this food industry, and actually became good friends with some. I thank them for giving me their time, and giving me space to give my opinion even if I am a youngin’ in the business.

I’ve been able to work alongside my brother, who is also one of my mentors. He is a hard worker, and very dedicated to what he does. Thanks, to introducing and teaching me so much.

I’ve also just had the opportunity to work in fantastic restaurants, and eat at them too. I’ve been taught business behind the doors of a restaurant, and a few tricks to keep them running at their best. One day I’ll make it to that level. That level is to have one myself. But, until then, I’m happy working at different fantastic restaurants, and spending unbelievable amounts of time in them. I think it is the only thing that keeps me going.

My finished plate, no matter where I decide to dine.