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The Holidays are in. The crossover from the colorful fall into the white winter. Food still grow and kitchens still heat up. This past week has been busy; not just for myself but the neighborhood too. I can see the market swarming with people trying to get their hands on fresh bread, chicories, vegetables, turkeys etc. I see the streets crowded with cars, and I see families arriving and going from all over the world. Sounds like my Thanksgiving. My father came to town on Thanksgiving day. Landing just in time for a glass of wine, a slice of turkey, and side dishes to pass along.antipasti

Another year passes, with yet another wonderful meal. We went to a friend’s house where they prepared the feast. I brought a salad and a bottle of wine.
Turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry salsa, my arugula salad, stuffing, and green beans. Oh yes, I was a happy camper that night.

I watched as our hosts took the gorgeous turkey out of the oven and let it rest for a bit. Allowing the juices to soak back into the meat, preparing for the perfect slice of breast.IMG_4208

The table was set, and ready for hungry guests. Everyone was lounging about, cheese eating and prosecco sipping. “Dinner is ready everyone, let’s eat!” That’s all I need to hear for myself to hit my chair hard and plant my feet into the polished wood floor. But, before I do just that, there is wine that I brought, lets not forget about that. Everyone pause where you are, allow myself to pour.IMG_4215

Yes, some fantastic Zin! Sorry everyone, this is *not found in stores, but luckily I can get my hands on this stuff. Finally, let’s get down to business. Lets celebrate what this day is meant for, and let’s go around the table to find out just what everyone really is thankful for. I wont talk for everyone, but I know all I had to say was that I am thankful for my life, my family, and the food and relationships that embody around it. Without it, I would not be where I am today. Now, may I be quiet so I can eat my luscious meal.

The thing with thanksgiving is there is always tons of food. And I am the type of person that wants to try everything on the table (even if I am too full). So starting thanksgiving around four o’clock is prefect; that way I can start with the snacks and just slowly work my way around the table, throwing items on my plate and savoring. The stuffing usually gets a second helping (only if it’s really tasty), and then I’ll stop; saving enough room for the dessert. Yes, there is more!Pumpkin PieA perfect slice of pumpkin pie always finishes the night off right. A small shot of espresso and then my eyes are falling deep. Thanksgiving came fast this year, and dinner went even quicker. It was good to be around family and friends, sharing words and thoughts upon each others life.
Now all I look forward to is flying across the country landing myself back home. Christmas is next (my favorite holiday if I had to choose). I can’t wait to be around my original table with ALL of my family. It should definitely be an excellent meal, just as Thanksgiving was.