Pastrami on Rye at Katz Deli

At 19 years old, I am what I like to refer to people as a workaholic. A dedicator to my work and a seeker for something good to eat. I have, and obviously still do work around some of the best food, wine, service and people anyone could imagine. My position is currently held as a back-waiter, and I have to say I’m pretty happy about that. Especially at the restaurant I am currently employed. I started as a young buck in this business (ten years old), washing dishes by hand aside a handful of cooks knocking out dishes for around eighty guests or more on a busy night. Trust me, that’s a lot of customers to have on a busy night in the small Bistro I started working in. Ever since I got a hold of working in this business and discovering all of the secrets it entails behind closed doors, I knew I would never want to leave it for a job in the so called “real world.”

Now as I grew up working in this bistro, I would always try to keep myself busy on days off (I had quite a few of them). My off days included me going to other restaurants in the area that were somewhat acclaimed for Cincinnati at the time, and asking for a chance to work. For free!! It seems a little crazy that people do this in restaurants nowadays, but for me It was about my passion, and I was prepared to work in the kitchen or the dining room. No matter where I was placed, every position that the restaurant contains, I am a fan of. Of course, I had my homework, schooling and all of that good stuff, but I would get that finished ahead of time so I could make time for work. That is my passion, my dedication and love.

Now, much older from when I first started, I am a big fan of what is called ‘Hospitality.’ I love excellent service, attention to the detail, dedication, over-achievement and a smile on my servers face when it all happens. I happen to be that person giving that same service when I am at work, but when I am out, I look for those kinds of things, because they make my dining experience more extreme, more pleasant, and overwhelmingly great! Don’t get me wrong, the food that I am served plays a huge part in why I am there too, but for me, as a person that works the FOH (Front of House), I like to see how other FOH staff work as well. That’s just what I am personally into.

Now about this blog…

So, what is this blog all about!? As you make your way through topics, discussions and photos, you will find that this blog is obviouslvy about things that I do (as in EATING, and that I do a lot of). But not only am I going to pertain to things that I do, I want to give insight and background information on food. What I believe is important about it, and education on where and how to find absolutely great food!

What exactly is great food? And why should everyone ONLY eat this great food?        Well, when I say “great food,” I am not talking about a five course meal everynight and a wine pairing to compliment it. I simply mean that this food should be easily natural, untouched, pure, simple, local, organic and free of any disgusting hormones or pesticides that the huge factory producers like to use now-a-days. Throughout the blog you will see that I am not only displaying great food different restaurants or places, but also giving information on where all those ingredients are coming from. How it got from point A(the farm) to point B(the plate) is very important, and should be known.

Being a kid that went from fast food meals on a daily basis, alongside any other junky processed food, to eating some of the freshest, seasonal food that my new home state California can provide is absolutely amazing. Don’t worry, I won’t bore anyone! At least I hope not too! I am no science teacher, or some crazy finatic of chemicals and beautiful pure kosher eating. I am just an ordinary working kid, enjoying my time in restaurants, and learning as much as I possibly can about the new generation of eating, dining and farming. So for everything I have learned and acquired, I want to pass it on to all of my followers. Through my little gate of foodie heaven… My Blog!!

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