Nonnas Peppers, or Pepperonata as you may know it!


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The aroma of the house smells of garlic sauteing in pure olive oil. A hint of spiciness through the air to tingle the nostrils, yet attract my hunger. I rush downstairs to see what’s going on, what’s cooking? My grandma(or nonna as we called her) in the kitchen, making what the family likes to call “peppers.” Continue reading


She started it all: Julia Child (The Master Chef)


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Ahhh, I can finally calm myself down, the week to celebrate Julia Child is here. August 15, 1912 marks the date on which this lady touched this amazing earth and made magic happen- all lover the kitchen counters!
100 years has now arrived! What a time for food and history. For how much it’s changed and evolved through the years. But if it’s given a deeper look, for how much it has actually stayed the same! Stayed the same as how very simple and rustic food is.
Julia Child is, as some like to say, “the mother of all things food.” As I think she is just that, I like to keep her categorized under the “French” title, because as far as I know, that’s exactly what she preferred to cook. She interested herself in that style of cuisine and food then introduced it to America because she wanted people to know what good cooking is. How to prepare it for the family, enjoy the good food and company, and be a part of something so confounding. Continue reading

An upcoming restaurant needs support


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Hillside Supper Club!

That’s the name of the restaurant that is going to be taking over a retired Italian restaurant location in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. They’re working harder and harder everyday to have their dream a reality; to own a full time restaurant.

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Going to Outerlands in the outerland


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There is a spot where many people probably never even made a footstep in San Francisco. Do people even know this place exists?

The Sunset!
When I first arrived in San Francisco, long before I even moved here, the Sunset was my introduction area. I am not sure whether it’s because my brother lived in the area or because of it being a nice little gem of a neighborhood. The Sunset holds a lot of history, great places to see and visit.

Since my introduction to San Francisco was through the Sunset, I always hold the image that this neighborhood is where the city begins. As in, this is what San Francisco should look and be like. Water, surfing, food, coffee, hippies, and… did I mention, coffee?

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Yes, It was my first time!


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Yes, oh yes…

Welcome to New York City!

It was my first time to the city of bright lights, movement, and never-ending madness! Sounds amazing, right!? Correct, it is!

As soon as the plane touched down into JFK airport I felt awakened. Moved by the sense of something always going on. People always on the go, walking, jogging, running; looking left, right, straight. Where to go, what to do, what’s happening, what’s that noise! It’s New York City!! Let me in, let me experience the craziness first hand!

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What chicken would you rather eat?


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Foster Farms- The Conventionally Raised Bird and Felton Acres- The Free-Range Farm Raised Bird

Be honest, which chicken would you rather eat?

Finally, the chicken comparison event in Sebastopol hosted by Slow Food Russian River alongside with Hillside Supper Club of San Francisco. An event to teach people about raising chickens (backyard chickens as we like to say), and the difference between the farm raised bird and a conventionally raised bird. When I say conventional bird, I am saying that this bird is mass-produced, doesn’t see daylight, eats a very strict diet to make them grow faster, injected with hormones, steroids, and most of the time only given a space the size of A4 bond paper per bird. Doesn’t seem like a nice way to treat an animal to me. And in the end result the meat that the bird will feed you is totally different from the meat of a free and natural bird.

Now I can see why over 50% of todays population likes to follow a vegetarian diet. I guess I would too, if I was fed this disgusting bird! But, as for me, I fortunately caught up in my learning, and found out that I could find a chicken that was raised on pasture and could walk over twenty feet, on their own. Actually lucky to find one that could even stand on those two feet of theirs, unlike some of the birds used in today’s market.

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My first little post!



My first blog!

Let me keep it short and sweet. My first blog is going to be a taste of what people can expect to hear from me in the future.

I am a foodie. I work in the business, and let’s just say I think about it all day! I live in the bay area, and ever since I’ve moved out here I have been more inspired by food than anywhere else. Food here is GREAT! I’ve seen many of the farms where most of the product that restaurants around here are using come from. I have also met many great people in the area, including writers, chefs, restauranteurs, farmers, purveyors, workers of the trade and many more. I’ve learned so much about food and the truth behind it, it;s amazing. Blows my mind what goes into making things such as a simle salad…

Now, why do I stretch that truth behind food thing so far??

It’s because it’s important for people to know. Everyone should know where their food came from. Which farm, farmer, factory, animal, place, person etc? Who touched it? Who sprayed it with what? Who injected that pig? And what in the world did they inject it with? Why would they do that? Damn, is that going to affect me and my body?

Yes, that is just a handful of questions that people should be curious about. It may sound weird, but I bet over half of the people in the world probably don’t even know where their food comes from. I am sure most of them don’t care; in which case is sad for them because one day when they get sick or find themself becoming morbidly obese they”re going to turn around and ask why all of that is happening. The main reason it’s happening is because they didn’t seem to care at all about what made it happened: that last bite of food you took!

Now don’t get me started on all of that talk, because honestly I can take it further than where it needs to be.

All I want to say is, look out for what I have to post in the future! I want to keep everyone updated on everything. My travels, restaurants I eat at, food I eat, farms I visit and people I run into. It’ll be a jumble of stuff, but interesting for my followersEnjoying a snack with friends! to get the inside access to.

Thanks! I hope the first post was as good as I could make it..