Where I Eat + Drink

Food food, and more food

My most common place to eat at:

Hillside Supper Club
-Maybe it’s because I work here every week, or because I am always surrounded by Tony and Jonathan’s great cooking. Hillside definitely has the ability to grab my taste buds into attention and eat some delicious food.

-Check them out for a meal sometime at: 300 Precita Ave. San Francisco, CA

Hawker Fare
-I am a fan of something I like to call, different. Hawker Fare takes care of me when I am in that mood. I am in the mood for salty, sweet, yet savory. Something Asian, yet street style at the same time. I head to Hawker Fare for a simple rice bowl. Every time I go I order a different one, but I can say the Pork Belly is FANTASTIC. I also get the Blistered Green Beans before the bowl.

-Check them out for a meal sometime at: 2300 Webster St. Oakland, CA

Ramen Shop
– I think I’ll become a fast regular at this place. Good friends, Sam, Ray, and Jerry have finally opened their restaurant. Serving Ramen with an underground feel. I walk in, sit down and feel as though I’ve stepped into a ramen shop in Japan. I order a few apps and a fantastic bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen and enjoy myself.

-Go there for a hot meal at: 5812 College Ave. Oakland, CA

My Beverage and my Drink

My Most Common Places to have a drink at:

Local 123
-If you know me really well, you will know that I enjoy having my coffee. Well not exactly, it’s more of an espresso thing. I love my latte’s, cappuccino’s, etc. Now when I come to Local 123, I order a Gibraltar. A little smaller than a cappuccino, 4oz of milk to be exact. Every time I am here, my drink is always exceptional. When they make the latte art in my drink I feel like they are trying to say, “Yeah, we’re good and we know it.” Well folks, that’s because they are.

-Check them out for a latte at: 2049 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA

-Now, I’m kind of using this in food and beverage. I usually go to Pizzaiolo for my early brunch; grab a house-made donut and a wonderful Gibraltar. Blue Bottle coffee users, some of my favorite. At their other location, Boot and Shoe Service, they use Sightglass coffee roasters, which is my favorite, and only one of the very very few local restaurants to find it at. Come to Pizzaiolo bright and early (from 8-12) for a bright wake up, or in the evening for a wood-fired pizza and a glass of wine.

-Check them out for a delicious donut at: 5008 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA

Trouble Coffee Company
– My introduction to San Francisco, and the overly needed latte. I used to come here almost everyday when I lived in the sunset, but now that I am in the east bay my trips here have decreased. I make my way to this cozy coffee place on my lazy Sundays, when the sky is foggy and the wind is crisp and cold. A thick cut of toast, and a latte for myself; no sharing! The toast here is no joke, a must have for anyone and everyone! I could rave all day, but lets just say the toast is unique, something that I have yet to even see or hear about from anywhere else. Go there, order, relax and injest. Let the coffee open your eyes, and the toast start your day. You’ll be happy you did.

– Order your toast at the counter at: 4033 Judah St. San Francisco, CA

Hooker’s Sweet Treats
– Once in a while I get that little pinch for something sweet. What am I into today? Salted Caramel covered in chocolate? Sweet bread pudding? Or some secret drinks that only the owner and I share (It’s a secret so I can’t tell the public). Only thing I can say is that it is very similar to a latte, which is a must-have for myself, with a small addition of chocolate. Hooker’s offers the best of the best for what it’s doing. Nobody else can replicate salted caramels like this spot. Why? Well, that’s easy; because they’re the introduction to such thing. They started it with the best, and finish with the best.

– Make time for a salted caramel and Sightglass coffee at: 442 Hyde St. San Francisco, Ca

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